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She's Bold with Beth Whitman

Aug 20, 2018

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Today's conversation is with Beth Massa.

Beth is a sustainable packaging entrepreneur. She is, as we all should be, very concerned about the environment and our impact upon the planet.

Beth is creating a first of its kind retail store, Ozarka, that doesn’t carry any products in single use containers. She believes big changes need to happen with the manufacturers and producers of products and is doing something about it in a very direct way by addressing the problem in her adopted home of Amsterdam.

Until you really start paying attention, you probably don’t realize how much trash you’re generating using single use containers. My awareness was only heightened after watching (and being horrified by) the documentary, A Plastic Ocean. I watched probably the first 20 minutes and it completely changed things for me.

Beth is realistic in believing that people aren’t necessarily going to make big changes on their own. She wants change to happen with the manufacturers and producers of the products. And her store will only carry goods in containers that are not single use.

This is a pretty bold move. Taking on an industry. But the other part of her story is her move to Amsterdam. She was so solid in knowing that she wanted to live there that she spent a couple of years figuring out how to make it happen. That singular focus of wanting something so badly that all of your waking time is spent figuring out how to make it reality is often a theme here. I know that feeling and it’s likely that you know that feeling, too, for something that you’ve wanted to do. So you’ll hear how she made that happen.

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