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Be Bold with Beth Whitman

Nov 14, 2017

Shannon Huffman Polson is a former Apache helicopter pilot. She estimates that there’s probably fewer than 100 women trained as Apache pilots, putting her in rare company.

But she's also a wife, mom of two boys, public speaker and the author of North of Hope which chronicles her grief after losing her dad and stepmom...

Nov 7, 2017

Mona Das is running for Congress in the 8th District of Washington State. This is no ordinary candidate. Mona challenged my perception of Indian women as well as politicians.

At 5'1", Mona is a powerhouse of strength, motivation and opinions. AND, she has a heart of gold. We covered a wide range of topics far outside...

Oct 31, 2017

Meg Noble Peterson is an author and lifelong traveler. At 89, she hasn't stopped traveling abroad. As a matter of fact, she had just returned from Mongolia when we recorded this episode.

Meg's enthusiasm for travel continues, even after nearly 70 years of globetrotting. She still loves airplanes and watching the clouds...

Oct 24, 2017

Ashley Fullenwider is a co-founder of Nuu Muu, the makers of exercise apparel for women.

But her skills and time are spent well beyond Nuu Muu. Ashley also works at Argonne National Laboratories as a political scientist and linguist and travels extensively to work against the proliferation of weapons of mass...

Oct 11, 2017

Michele Westmorland is best known for her underwater photography. But she has just released a new documentary film called Headhunt Revisited that follows the story of an American woman who, in the 1920s traveled to the Solomons and Papua New Guinea to document the tribes in oil and canvas.

We talk about this passion...