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She's Bold with Beth Whitman

Dec 5, 2017

You might know Dr. Pepper Schwartz from any one of many places. She’s a professor of Sociology at the University of Washington. But she’s also the author of 25 books, the former Sex and Relationship Expert with AARP and she is now on her sixth season of Lifetime TVs Married at First Sight.

In this conversation, we talk about the influence that the times have on us. In Pepper’s case, as a child of the 60’s, she was surrounded by a culture of sex, drugs and rock and roll and she learned how to push the boundaries at a very early age.

A Yale graduate, she’s had a successful career at the University of Washington as one of the first professors hired for a tenured position (she’s now been there for 40 years).

She continues to change with the times and her teachings reflect her own interests and path including, now, sex in the aging population.