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She's Bold with Beth Whitman

Jun 14, 2017

Teresa Shook is the founder of the Women's March. I knew this was going to be a special conversation but it went beyond what I imagine. Teresa’s an interesting woman on a lot of levels.

As we dug into a bit of her history, the environment in which she grew up and how she never seems to take no for an answer, you begin to understand how the women’s march could have grown so large.

We  talked a lot about the women’s march, including what motivated her to start the event and the power of women showing up en-masse. We talked about her theory of how 53% of white women could have voted for the current president.

But we talked about other topics, too including how she wouldn’t accept a doctor’s diagnosis that she was going to be blind in six weeks’ time from a rare eye disease. She refused to believe him and overcame it by shear will and, later, through stem cell treatment. This determination has proved her well.