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She's Bold with Beth Whitman

Aug 27, 2019

Today’s guest is Nichole Doane.

Nichole is a trauma nurse at Harborview Medical Center here in Seattle. Harborview, as many people in my neck of the woods knows, is THE trauma center for the Pacific Northwest. It’s where you want to be taken in the case of a traumatic injury or burn.

But I didn’t want to speak to Nichole because of her work as a trauma nurse. Instead, it was because of an accident she had while canyoneering. This near-fatal fall changed the trajectory of her life.

Nichole was on a canyoneering trip in August of 2017 when she fell about 60 feet. What happened to her in the minutes leading up to the fall and the hours following it, when she was awaiting a rescue, was nothing short of a miracle. It’s really incredible to me the way she processed what was going on—and then, frankly—lived to tell about it.

Since her accident and recovery, Nichole is now spending her time helping those in crisis—as a speaker by helping others through traumatic experiences and by bringing to light the PTSD that happens within the community of public servants. You’ll understand what exactly I mean as you listen to our conversation.

In short, I’ve never heard anyone explain their near-death experience quite like Nichole does. I’m moved by the way she’s taken that experience and turned it into such a force for good.

With that, please enjoy this conversation with Nichole Doane.


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