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Be Bold with Beth Whitman

Feb 20, 2018

Pauline Frommer is the Co-President of Frommer's, where she oversees the publication of the guidebooks, the website and is the host of two weekly radio shows.

Frommers just celebrated their 60th year in business and continue to be one of the leading publishers where they produce high quality print books...

Feb 14, 2018

On today's episode, I'm doing something a bit different. Today I'm speaking with previous Be Bold guest, Linda Fane, on the topic of compassion.

Linda is a long-time Buddhist practitioner and Buddhist teacher whom you might recall from episode 5. Here we dive into a conversation about compassion, what the term means and...

Feb 5, 2018

Angel Murdock is a Nurse Midwife, the Nomads Women’s Clinic Co-director and a women’s health adventurer. She spent a month trekking in one of Nepal's most remote regions to help administer medications to pregnant women and provide feminine products to those who otherwise don't have any access to basic care.

Angel is...

Jan 30, 2018

Jennifer Jordan is the director of the documentary 3,000 Cups of Tea: The Rise and Ruin of Greg Mortenson. Greg is the author of the NY Times Bestseller, Three Cups of Tea, and was accused of, among other things, a number of inaccuracies in his story.

After seeing a 60 Minutes expose on Greg, Jennifer wanted to tell his...

Jan 23, 2018

You likely know Samantha Brown from her 10+ years as a TV host on the Travel Channel where she traveled the world introducing viewers to the greatest hotels, getaways, weekend adventures and interesting places in China.

Most recently, she launched her latest series on PBS, Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, where she...