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She's Bold with Beth Whitman

Jun 27, 2017

Diane Winston served in the Louisiana State House of Representatives until mid-2008.

She understands all too well the reality of living and working in a male-dominated world. And she’s learned skills that have helped her navigate that especially when it comes to politics. Having served in a male-dominated career for a long time, Diane has some really strong opinions about the roles and talents of both men and women. She’s great at giving credit for both sexes but she’s realistic in terms of what holds women back from being more adventurous and risk takers.

This is NOT a political discussion :-)

Diane talks about retirement and how it’s easy to start second guessing yourself. We talk about how women are always going to be the primary care givers and, as a result, tend to put ourselves last.

We talk about the importance of setting goals and ticking things off a task list and why women need to learn how to be better goal setters in order to increase their satisfaction, gratification and prosperity. She believes it all comes down to having a fire in your belly (a passion) and that is the key to being successful and happy.

* About Beth Whitman
Beth is known as a women's travel expert with nearly 30 years of travel behind her. She's a public speaker, the founder of and regularly leads tours to off-the-beaten path destinations around the globe through her company, WanderTours.