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She's Bold with Beth Whitman

Jul 6, 2017

Erin Seidemann is a pilot and author. With only 5% of pilots being female, this makes her quite special.

In this episode, we talk about the logistics of getting a pilot's license, the beauty of flying, the logistics of buying a plane and how few women, going back to Amelia Earhart’s time, are pilots.

We also talk about sexism in the industry and how she uses it to motivate herself and doesn’t get angry by comments from male pilots.

This conversation was a topic I knew so little about but Erin makes it seem so attainable. And while getting a pilot’s license and buying a plane are not available to everyone, you can apply her passion for flying to most any hobby and interest and realize that with unwavering determination, it’s possible to pursue your love.

* About Beth Whitman
Beth is known as a women's travel expert with nearly 30 years of travel behind her. She's a public speaker, the founder of and regularly leads tours to off-the-beaten path destinations around the globe through her company, WanderTours.